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Historic Sumner

Explore Stories of the Past

Sumner County is steeped in history, showcasing a plethora of historic sites. With an array of well-preserved landmarks, Sumner County invites visitors to step back in time and uncover the stories that have shaped the region.


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Historic Rock Castle
Trace back the origins of Tennessee and take a step into history in Tennessee’s oldest home, Historic Rock Castle. Having survived over 200 years, Historic Rock Castle was home to General Daniel Smith, who is credited with the first official drawing of the state of Tennessee. Taking over a decade to construct, Historic Rock Castle survived wars, Native American attacks, and the earth’s natural elements to continue to stand in its almost original state today.
Historic Stonewall
Historic Stonewall​
Travel back in time and stay in a historic Tennessee home with a booked night at Stonewall. Dating back to the early 1800s, this testament of time stands in its original location in the heart of Gallatin, Tennessee. Staying at the Historic Stonewall grants the guests access to the full historic home including the gorgeous outdoor patio perfect for relaxing and taking in the breathtaking home. Make your own history in the Historic Downtown Gallatin, only a small walk or car ride away from Stonewall.
Bledsoe's Fort Historical Park​
Bledsoe Fort Historical Park is a physical imprint of the initial early settlers of Tennessee. Bledsoe Fort was constructed in 1780 and played a critical role in the development of the western expansion of the United States. Surviving wars, Native American attacks, and natural elements, the fort stood in its original location until it was removed in the early 1800s. Today, the historical park showcases the original buildings of famous Tennessee and Sumner County settlers, one of the earliest pioneer cemeteries in Tennessee, and artifacts that date back to the Archaic period (1000 BC – 5000 BC).
Historic Mansker's Station
Historic Mansker’s Station consists of a reproduction 1779 log station and the Bowen Plantation House, said to be the longest standing brick structure in Middle Tennessee. During your tour, interpreters allow visitors to experience both life on the frontier and life on a plantation. Tours are self paced with an interpreter as the guide and typically last around an hour. We pride ourselves on a hands on educational approach that is applied to visitors of all ages.