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Group Tours

Although trips eventually come to an end, we seem to tell the stories forever.

Create long lasting memories full of firsts, laughs, friendships, and thrilling adventures in Sumner County, Tennessee. We welcome you and your groups to explore our unique identity located just north of Nashville. With rich musical roots, discover unforgettable memories made by music icons from the past and present. Sumner County also boasts remarkable historic treasures, beautiful lakes, and scenic trails. Our tours showcase Sumner County’s group tour favorites, as well as new, refreshing experiences. Our tailored itineraries ensure enjoyable and memorable experiences where you can explore the distinct differences between many of the cities we represent and how they work together to tell a unique story of our area. Additionally, charming boutiques and diverse food options make Sumner County a destination that often surprises but never disappoints. Our knowledgeable staff and local partners are dedicated to creating remarkable experiences full of southern hospitality and good times. Come see why memories are made in Sumner County! 


Click the links below to browse our sample itineraries and to get a feel of our offerings. Can’t find the perfect itinerary for your group? Let us make a FREE customized itinerary for your group! Contact us today to start planning a dream itinerary for your Sumner County, Tennessee, motor coach trip! Call the office 615-230-8474, and we will be happy to assist you!

Man in Black

Featuring the Country Stars Driving Tour, a visit to the Johnny Cash museum, and more, this is a must for Johnny Cash and country music fans!


History buffs will love this tour that covers American history from the Revolutionary War, frontier living, politics, the Civil War, and beyond!


Find your holiday spirit in Sumner County, Tennessee. With Christmas decorations, music, and a delicious dinner, tourists will delight in this incredible Christmas memory!


Classic country music, country landscapes, and good country eatin’ all come together for this unforgettable Southern country experience!

Student Bus Tour: Country Music

Students love coming to Sumner County and Nashville, Tennessee for all things music! There are plenty of musical stops to keep students entertained as well as lots of good eats and fun! Student groups staying in Sumner County also enjoy a complimentary dinner and entertainment party!