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Sumner County TourismAmbassadors

Ambassadors volunteer directly with Sumner County Tourism to promote Sumner County, Tennessee, as an attractive tourist destination. There are many opportunities where Ambassadors can aid Sumner County Tourism in their mission such as active engagement, assisting administratively, or promoting Sumner County at events!

Sue Morrison - Ambassador Coordinator, Sumner County Tourism

Active Ambassadors

Active Ambassadors can assist both indoors and outdoors with physical tasks. Responsibilities can include event setup, cleanup, driving golf carts, helping at tournaments with water and food distribution, and other physical tasks. This ambassador will experience lifting items that can range from light to heavy.

Active Ambassadors assist in general with more physically-involved activities both indoor and outdoors.

Admin Ambassadors

Admin Ambassadors assist with administrative duties in an indoor setting primarily at the office of Sumner County Tourism. Responsibilities include office tasks like answering the phones, greeting visitors, labeling items, and preparing goodie bags, which are bags stuffed with promotional items and information about Sumner County that are later given to visitors.

Admin Ambassadors assist primarily with administrative tasks in an indoor office setting.

Event Ambassadors

Event Ambassadors assist Sumner County Tourism at festivals, shows, and other events both indoors and outdoors. Responsibilities include greeting guests, sharing information about Sumner County, and promoting Sumner County in a positive way. This ambassador may have light physical duties including setting up tables, brochures, banners, etc.

Event Ambassadors primarily share information about Sumner County with visitors at both indoor and outdoor events.

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