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Fall Must-Dos in Sumner County

The Fall is one of the most beautiful times to visit Tennessee. The foliage, festivals, and community events share open arms in welcoming visitors. Sumner County is a destination you can’t pass up during the Fall season as it captures the true beauty of the season in Tennessee. While you’re here, check out these must-dos in Sumner County to capture the full Fall experience. 

Main Street Festival

You are going to need to pack a few extra bags when you come to the Main Street Festival. Located in historic downtown Gallatin in Gallatin, Tennessee, this festival brings in visitors from all over! This event welcomes all guests to come and shop from over 200 local crafts, arts, and food vendors who take over the downtown area. 

This festival has grown tremendously, and all calendars are marked for the first Saturday in October to show out and take in the local Fall flare. As you shop, live entertainment can be heard as the younger attendees make friends in the kid’s zone. With all these vendors, a break is needed to gaze over all your new items! Take a seat, kick back, and recharge to finish the day in the break area where food, music, and open seats give you a nice relaxing spot. 

Candlelit Cemetary Tour

After your day of shopping, take a walk through history at the Candlelit Cemetary Tour! This must-do event takes place in the Gallatin City Cemetery where many Tennessee and American pioneers and legends are buried. With gravesites that date back to 1814, this candlelit tour path guides you through the cemetery to the gravesites of these notable figures who for only the night, are awakened from their eternal sleep to tell their stories. 

Haunts at the Font

Cragfont State Historic Site holds Sumner County and Tennessee history all in one place. A treasure during the Fall, the foliage allows for the perfect Fall backdrop to any photo. The history behind Cragfont tells a different tale. Once hailed as a beacon of hope from Baltimore to Nashville in the early settlers’ days of Tennessee, this historic site would be the grounds for attacks, enslavement, and death. Travel this historic site’s land by lantern at your own risk! You may stumble upon a few restless spirits ready to tell their tales! Haunts at the Font is a spooky sensation that will make your bones clatter!

Bottom View Farms Fall Festival

This nestled hidden gem is located in Portland, Tennessee, and brings enough family fun to last you a full season. Bottom View Farms Annual Fall Festival takes place from September through October! This annual event brings visitors and families from all over to get a taste of the “simple life”. As you enter the farm, you’ll run into the Old Western Town hosting a replica of the original Western towns. Be careful not to act up! A lock-and-key jail cell is located in the old western town for anyone deemed guilty. 

After serving your time, take a hayride out to the pumpkin patch and choose your perfect pumpkin, or relax and take in the scenes of the farm on the train ride! For thrill-seekers, Bottom View Farms offers a zipline course and for those Spooky Season lovers, they even offer a haunted woods at night! 

Bledsoe Creek State Park

Bledsoe Creek State Park holds many of Sumner County and Tennessee’s beauty in one spot! Home to wildlife specific to the region, you are sure to encounter incredible photo opportunities with nature that you could not find elsewhere. This park contains over 4 miles of hiking trails that intertwine with the serene nature and landmarks. During the Fall, the foliage creates mesmerizing colorful visuals that capture the true Tennessee Fall scene. During the Fall season, this must-do destination is a prime camping spot for nature lovers and stargazers alike. 

Come and take in the Fall season in Sumner County at these must-dos and leave with the full Tennessee Fall experience. Adventure in our parks with beautiful picture-perfect spots, join the fun with our annual Fall events, and enjoy seasonal bites at our local restaurants that will serve you with a smile larger than a jack-o-lantern grin! Plan your trip to Sumner County and explore more Fall destinations here.

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