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Christmas Lights in Sumner County 2023

Christmas lights in Sumner County are a yearly spectacle that draws crowds of visitors from far and wide. With a growing list of participants decorating their houses to be the best in the county, it’s no wonder many houses are regularly featured on news outlets for their interactive light displays. Visit these locations for some of the best lights and light shows in Sumner County in 2023! 


Wolf's wonderland

109 Brownstone Drive, Gallatin, Tennessee

Good Neighbor Lights

633 & 637 Goodman Drive, Gallatin, Tennessee

Holiday Joy

138 Rock Bridge Road, Gallatin, Tennessee

Mohatt House

78 Grindstone Drive, Gallatin, Tennessee

Blue Christmas

109 Grandview Circle, Gallatin, Tennessee

Craig Manor

421 Dorchester Place, Gallatin, Tennessee

Enchantment on Ettington

224 Ettington Drive, Gallatin, Tennessee

Jacob's Old Fashioned Christmas Array

529 Redstone Drive, Gallatin, Tennessee

Lucian's Lights

158 Remington Avenue, Gallatin, Tennessee

Happy grinchmas

1050 Middleton Lane, Gallatin, Tennessee

The Knox Family

205 Hedgeway Court, Gallatin, Tennessee

Booneshine Family Lights

1079 McLaughlin Court, Gallatin, Tennessee

The BooneShine Family Lights have been a popular light attraction in Sumner County over the last few years by producing a mesmerizing light show that is in sync with custom songs. Tune into radio channel 105.5 FM to listen from the car! 

Winder Wonderland in 4T

1272 Potter Lane, Gallatin, Tennessee

Winter Wonderland in 4T is a synchronized Christmas lights show with a 15-song lineup! Stay warm in your car and listen to the show through the radio on 106.5 FM, or get a front-row seat and enjoy the lights from the road. Enjoy the show daily from 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.! 

Hobbs Holiday Lights

584 Goodman Drive, Gallatin, Tennessee

Watch while over 10,000 lights synchronize and dance to traditional, rock, and Disney classics! Enjoy the show Sunday through Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Friday through Saturday from 5:00 p.m. to 10 p.m.! Listen from the car on radio station 93.1 FM.


Movies on Morris

223 Morris Street, Hendersonville, Tennessee

Step into a lit-up world of your favorite holiday movie characters at Movies on Morris! Interact with the lights and decorations as you walk around the grounds!

Durham Farms Neighborhood

351 Azalea Circle, Hendersonville, Tennessee

The Durham Farms neighborhood takes Christmas seriously! Multiple houses are decorated to bring Christmas cheer to their residents, and they invite you out to enjoy the displays yourselves!

Willis Lights

111 Laurens Way North, Hendersonville, Tennessee

The Willis Lights light show is a local favorite! Over 26,000 synchronized lights display Christmas characters, Christmas trees, and more! Enjoy the music from the car on radio station 97.3!

Lights on Luna

176 Luna Lane, Hendersonville, Tennessee

The Lights on Luna holiday show brings a classic Christmas charm to your holiday light show! With synchronized lights dancing to Christmas classics, you’ll surely catch yourself singing along. Tune into radio station 101.7 FM to listen from the car!


 535 Shute Lane, Hendersonville, Tennessee

XLIGHTSTN is a professional lighting company in Hendersonville that offers light show engineering, design, sequencing, installation, and support for businesses, boats, houses, stage shows, and more! They often do seasonal light shows throughout the year on this Shute Lane property for people to enjoy. Tune into radio station 87.9 FM to catch the music in the car!

Black's Bulbs

104 Alderwood Drive, Hendersonville, Tennessee

Black’s Bulbs rushes in the holiday season with their collection of 20,000 multi-colored lights. Tune into radio station 87.9 FM to catch the music from the warmth of your car.

Black's Bulbs Christmas light show in Sumner County

Baker Family Lights

104 Thicket Lane, Hendersonville, Tennessee

The Baker Family Lights show is a family favorite! With their previous light show loop covering over 30 minutes of music, you are guaranteed a different show each time you visit! Listen to the music on the radio at 99.9 FM.

Baker Family Christmas Light Show in Sumner County

Ultimate Party Festival of Lights

151 E Main Street, Hendersonville, Tennessee

Ultimate Party Festival of Lights is a self-guided driving tour that covers Hendersonville, Tennessee! Stopping at all the decorated housing locations, this trip is sure to warm you up with the holiday spirit!

Festival of lights Christmas light show in Sumner County

Christmas Lights Map

Don’t get lost on your way to see all the lights! Our map shows all the locations for the lights listed above and more!

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