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Booking a Stay in History: Historic Stonewall

Historic Stonewall, in the heart of Gallatin’s downtown district, has been standing proud since 1831. This architectural gem has been a silent spectator to the evolution of the community around it for almost 200 years, witnessing pivotal moments in history. Now under the ownership of the Sumner County Museum, this once boys dormitory and private home is available to the public for overnight bookings on Airbnb.

Your Historic experience

The experience of staying overnight in Historic Stonewall gives guests a rare chance to become part of living history. The carefully preserved architecture of this 5,600 sq ft home is adorned with period furnishings that transport visitors to an era long gone, creating a nostalgic ambiance that captivates the imagination. Enjoy a meal in the formal dining room, spend time with friends in the parlor, relax in the four bedrooms, or play games in the greenroom that opens to the patio. An overnight stay in this 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom historic building allows for a more intimate connection with the past, offering a glimpse into the daily lives of those who once called Stonewall home, including Museum founder and previous owner John Garrott. 

This building was originally built for Dr. Levi Dana Ring, the superintendent of Transmontania Academy (on land he purchased from Tennessee Governor William Hall) in 1831. Just two years later, the house was sold and over the years some of the history has been lost to time. There are no records of military occupation during the Civil War but shortly after, in the 1870s, it was a boys dormitory for Neophogen College. Starting in the 1900s, it once again became a private home, changing hands multiple times until the Garrotts bought it in the 1970s

Beyond your stay in History

Beyond the aesthetic charm and through the Airbnb experience, visitors become temporary custodians of history. Each room has its own QR code that provides information about the art and furniture it holds, allowing guests to learn about the people and items that make the home what it is today. The personal connection forged during the stay creates a lasting bond between guests and the historic landmark.

This is all possible thanks to previous owners John and June Garrott who gifted the house to the Sumner County Museum in 2015. While it had been available for the occasional tour and event, the Museum felt it important to restore the house to a more original condition and open it up to the public. The restoration became a community labor of love. An example of this restoration is under the guidance of local historians, the carpet that was installed in the 1950s was replaced with like-original hardwood floors thanks to generous community donors and matching grants from the Gallatin Rotary-Noon.

The proceeds from each guest’s stay help cover the expenses of maintaining this property. Gallatin’s Historic Stonewall is not merely a building frozen in time; it is a living testament to the resiliency of history. The chance to spend a night within its walls is an invitation to be part of an ongoing story where the past and present merge into a unique and unforgettable experience.

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