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Gallatin Trains and Trolleys Mural

About Gallatin Trains and Trolleys Mural

At the start of the 20th century few small towns in America had a transportation infrastructure equal to what could be found in Gallatin. With a passenger train service from the Louisville & Nashville Rail Road that opened in 1858 residents were able to board at Depot Square and travel anywhere in the United States. Locally, shorter trips could be taken on the Nashville Light & Railway's Nashville-Gallatin Interurban RR (trolley) from Main Street and Water Street all the way to downtown Nashville. Gallatin merchants, farmers and manufactures benefited greatly from these railroads, shipping and receiving goods daily on the freight services offered by each company. These transport options were vital to Gallatin’s growth and development during the 19th and 20th centuries. This mural depicts both railroad companies and how they came together in Gallatin. The mural location on College Street just off the Gallatin Square is between the L&N Depot and the NL&R Trolley Station.


More Details

This mural was created by artist Bryan Deese. Learn more about the Gallatin Trains and Trolleys Mural.