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5 Fall Foliage Destinations in Sumner County

Fall Foliage at Bledsoe Creek

The Fall is one of the most beautiful times in Sumner County. From the picturesque backdrops, the Fall flavors and seasonings being indulged from the local shops to the decorations that take over the charming downtown squares. One of the best experiences that locals love is the Fall foliage and the takeover of the vibrant red, orange, and yellow colors. If you are looking for the best places to see the changing colors, then these 5 Fall foliage destinations in Sumner County should be at the top of your list!


Bledsoe Creek State Park

Bledsoe Creek State Park is a prime Fall foliage destination. Located in Gallatin, Tennessee, this location offers views of Old Hickory Lake surrounded by a lush sea of tri-colored leaves. You can take in the wonder of the wilderness around you on the over 4 miles of trails that are covered by a canopy of colorful trees. A mile of these trails is paved for accessibility for any person with a disability to take in the gorgeous views. 

If land isn’t your happy place and you enjoy time on the water, the park offers access to Old Hickory Lake. Bring a kayak and drift down the calm waters of Old Hickory Lake while you take in the beautiful shorelines of colorful trees. While on the water, watch the wildlife prepare for the inevitable winter and interact with the landscape around you. 

Sanders Ferry Park

Sanders Ferry Park in Hendersonville, Tennessee is home to many events that come to the Sumner County area. Offering a wide park area to take in the scenes on the shore of Old Hickory Lake or track your way around the twisting walking trail. Although this destination gets a lot of attention in the Summer, the Fall is when its colors really shine.

Surrounded by numerous trees, the walking trail and park area hold a front-row seat to the changing leaf colors. Take in the gorgeous view from the top of a small hill and gather a wider perspective of the true color transformation that happens in the Fall. Bring a blanket and a picnic and enjoy the serene views of the Fall foliage and the wildlife that inhabit Old Hickory Lake. 

Memorial park

Memorial Park located in Hendersonville, Tennessee offers a more tranquil Fall foliage destination. Just off East Main Street, this location offers a stunning view of a canopy of trees from a small bridge spanning across a small pond. The backdrop of changing leaves sets the tone of Memorial Park as guests are frequently walking the calming trail that hosts a ton of gorgeous views of Old Hickory Lake and the colorful trees. Along with the views, guests aren’t the only ones taking in the Fall weather as ducks and geese are known to frequent the park daily, looking to join in on the Fall picnic families bring. 

Visitors are astounded by the park’s ability to capture the perfect Fall setting from any location allowing guests to spread far on the park grounds and enjoy the Fall weather. While the trail offers many opportunities for a perfect Fall photo, many guests prefer the shoreline where Old Hickory Lake meets the changing trees and provides a festive Fall photo. 

miracle PArk

Miracle Park is located just on the outskirts of Gallatin, Tennessee, and welcomes all guests to its vibrant fall-color-covered trees. Enjoy the scenes of Fall as you walk the trails that take you into the heart of the trees and through the winding curves of the nearby creek. With open areas across the park, there is no shortage of locations to find the perfect fall backdrop. 

This location offers something for everyone in the Fall as the playground and kid’s area allow for the Fall fun to never end. Bring a blanket and enjoy the serene surroundings as the tri-color leaves fall around you. 

Moss Wright PArk

Moss Wright Park is located in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, and captures the perfect Fall feeling. This large park allows guests to walk the trails through the winding trees covered in changing leaves. This location offers incredibly beautiful Fall backdrops of trees and even a historical backdrop with Mansker’s Station being right off the trail.

Capturing the beauty of Fall at Moss Wright Park is easy as the trail path comes right to the trees and through the slowly falling canopy of leaves. This location is perfect for a Fall photo day as it offers more than just a quick scene of the Fall in Sumner County. 

All of these destinations offer some of the best Fall foliage in Sumner County. Within the next few weeks, visitors can expect to see lush Fall foliage in these locations and more. Click here to find more outdoor Fall destinations to visit while in Sumner County!

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