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5 Ways to Warm Up this Winter in Sumner County

The winter season in Tennessee is one that can be hit or miss. The possibility of being caught in a once-in-a-lifetime snowstorm or just receiving a small dusting is about equal. One thing is for certain, though: the cold and crisp air does not miss its chance to be felt. Luckily, these 5 ways to warm up this winter in Sumner County will help you survive the cold.

Gammon’s Market is a small piece of the healthy living movement that serves a large audience in Sumner County and Nashville. Previously named “Hendersonville Produce”, the healthy and organic values and ideals of the frequented local market extended beyond Sumner County’s borders with the opening of their second location in the growingly popular Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood in Nashville. 

Focused on organic and in-season locally sourced produce with artisanal groceries, the Hendersonville location offers more than these high-quality items! Inside Gammon’s Market is their coffee bar serving cups of warm goodness that make the cold disappear and allow the warmth to take over. 

Taste the local seasonal flavors in a cup of their warm apple cider with a sprig of cinnamon and topped with whipped cream, or warm up with a winter favorite, St Nick. A latte with a collaboration of peppermint and white chocolate. 

Apple Cider with a cinnamon sprig and whipped cream from Gammon's Market

Travel down the road to the community of Portland, Tennessee, for our next Sumner County warm spot at Milo Cafe! This southern-style cooking destination brings the heat with its specialty coffees and delicious breakfast through dinner menu. 

A fresh face in Portland, Milo Cafe opened its doors in 2018 and has not looked back since. Quickly becoming a Portland and Sumner County favorite, Milo Cafe continues to serve warm, filling meals and specialty coffees that receive outstanding reviews from locals and visitors alike. 

You will find everything you need to warm up your winter, from Nashville Hot chicken and waffles to a gorgeous stack of pancakes that will fill you up and warm you up to take on the winter day. 

A latte and muffin from Milo Cafe.

Step away from normal and find your way into Filly’s Grinders in Gallatin, Tennessee, to warm up this winter in Sumner County! When you step into Filly’s Grinders, you know you are in for a large warm meal, great creative drinks, and even more fun. Pick your day to visit Filly’s on one of their live music days or bring your best billiards-playing friend and run the table on their pool nights. 

However you choose to spend your visit at Filly’s Grinders, you can’t leave before getting a full grinder and chips that warm up the body and fill the stomach. Take a bite out of the Drunken Filly for a mouth filled with tasty beer onions, melty beer cheese, and a flavorful pub mustard all combined with the cooked to perfection meat. 

Take the fun and warmth to the next level when you take on the arcade style games that Filly’s offers to all customers. It’s a great way to work off the extra calories before taking your large grinder head on! 


The Drunken Filly at Filly's Grinders in Sumner County

Pizza is a warming comfort food for many who are looking to defrost around a big pie. Calabria Brick-Oven Pizzeria elevates this comfort food by using fresh ingredients, homemade dough, and a large brick oven to cook their authentic Italian-style pizzas that warms the stomachs of their customers. 

Maybe pizza isn’t your slice, and you are a garlic knot lover. Calabria’s famous garlic knots are just the right touch to warm your night. You can smell the aromatics of the fresh garlic and herbs as the garlic knots hit your table, steaming and holding in all their flavor. 

Putting together a combo of irresistible garlic knots and an authentic Italian style pizza is not an easy task, but it is one that Calabria has mastered. Eating at Calabria Brick-Oven Pizzeria will not only fill you up, but it will warm you up with their flavors alone. 

Calabria Brick-Oven Pizza surrounded by ingredients.

A great thing about food is that it can span across countries and delight different groups of people. Pan Stars Bakery has taken this great characteristic of food and brought sweet Mexican flavors right to Sumner County! 

Pan Stars Bakery specializes in Pan Dulce, or sweet bread. You’ll be in awe as you walk in and smell the assortment of sweet-flavored breads, churros, flan, homemade cakes, and other sweet treats waiting to warm you up from the cold. 

It can be hard to choose from all the different sweet treats! Luckily, Pan Stars has you covered with an assortment box of all your favorite treats that you get to choose. You’ll heighten your body temp and tastebuds with a trip to Pan Stars Bakery this winter season.


Assortment box from Pan Stars Bakery

The winter season in Sumner County has only just begun and the crisp air is getting colder every day. These 5 ways to warm up this winter in Sumner County will not only warm you up, but your stomach as well! There are so many other ways to warm up in Sumner County this winter season! Click here to find more places and ways to defrost! 

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